Enabling Scalable Conversations


All-in-one chatbot solution

Flexible & Customisable

We offer a set of customisable functions to create scalable conversational experience that fits to your uniques business case and integrates with your processes.

Built on trusted technology

We build your chatbot using the NLP (Natural Language Processing) tool Dialogflow by Google. It is one of the most powerful and advanced tools on the market at the moment to process text and speech.

Provide information to your customers. Send updates on changes and keep people in the loop.

Answer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and provide relevant information in a matter of seconds.

Keep people engaged after purchase to increase retention

Which solution fits your business?

bm Airport


Scalable solution for Airports


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bm Shopping Mall


Scalable solution for Shopping Malls


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bm Hotel


Scalable solution for Hotels


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On any platform

The chatbot integrates with platforms like Facebook Messenger, Alexa, Google Assistant, Slack and more

Across devices

The voice interface is cross platform and can be accessed through various devices such as wearables, speakers and other smart devices

Scale your conversations with botmanufaktur.