Chatbots that sell

for Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa, kik and more

for Airports

Sell parking spaces & additional services

for Hotels

Sell offers & packages and additional services

for Shopping Malls

Sell gift cards & navigate customers

Coming soon

Additional location based chatbots are coming soon

Sell additional services

Create personalised offers and sell them to your customers over a chatbot. Accept payments and engage with your customers 24/7

Provide Multilingual support

Answer frequently asked questions  (FAQs) in a language native to your customer.


Stripe Logo (blue)

Process payments over chatbot


Generate leads with Facebook Ads for Messenger


Enable natural language processing for better conversational experiences by Google


Make personalised offers with AWS Machine Learning


for the following platforms

Which solution fits your business?

bm Airport


Scalable solution for Airports


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bm Shopping Mall


Scalable solution for Shopping Malls


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bm Hotel


Scalable solution for Hotels


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Chatbots that sell by botmanufaktur.