Chatbot Basics


Starter Guide to chatbots, AI and Machine Learning

What is a chatbot?


A chatbot is a program with which you can interact over Messaging Platforms (Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram) and/or Web/Mobile Interfaces.

It may include Artificial Intelligence in a form of Machine Learning (meaning it learns and improves the answers with every conversation you have with your chatbot) or be rule based (follow the rules which you set up) If you click a button, a certain text, image, video comes up in the chatbot.

What is all the fuss about?


Many claim chatbots to be the new apps. This is partly to the fact that we reached the amount of maximum new apps we would want to download to our phone. Also we more and more use Messaging Apps (like Facebook Messenger, What’s App) to connect to our friends, family and colleagues. Obviously all businesses want to be where the consumer attention is.

It is claimed the usage of the 4 biggest Messaging Apps surpassed the usage of 4 biggest Social Networks. ????


Can I try some out?


Yes, here is our curated list of chatbots you should try

  • Weather bot.  Poncho is a very well designed weather chatbot, which sends you weather information over Facebook Messenger
  • Currency Exchange bot. Transferwise chatbot allows you to send money and set up currency exchange alerts
  • News bot. CNN chatbot which sends you news alerts
  • Beauty bot. The chatbot of Sephora for Kik will give you makeup tips and tutorials
  • Travel bot. Kayak’s Facebook Messenger chatbot will find you best flights and travel information
  • TV Series. Narcos on Netflix created a chatbot Cartel Simulator.

Check more chatbots at Botlist

What is with Artificial Intelligence?


Basically some chatbots could have build in Artificial Intelligence in the form of Machine Leaning. Meaning that the chatbot will not only understand commands but also language. It will also get smarter the more conversations you have with it.

Try this chatbot to get a better understanding: Mitsuku

Are you wondering how difficult it is to build an AI empowered chatbot?  Most tech companies offer NLP (Natural Language Processing) platforms which you can use to make your chatbot smarter.

The Top NLP Platforms are:

Platform overview

Should I build a chatbot for Facebook Messenger, Slack, Kik, Telegram?

Chatbots to try

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Building a chatbot

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