What to expect

1. Send us an inquiry

24 hours. Send us an inquiry by filling out the form below or by email. We aim to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.

2. Set up a call to get to know your business

3 days. We aim to set up a call with you within the next 3 days depending on your availability. The goal is to find out more about your business and which problem a chatbot can solve for you.

3. Together we define deliverables

5 days. Following the call we define the deliverables and outline a chatbot strategy for your business how we see it. This is the stage to include all your ideas and requirements for the chatbot.

4. We make an offer

2 days. After we have agreed on deliverables we make you an offer which consists of the set up fee to integrate the chatbot with your business processes and a monthly fee for hosting, maintenance and updates.

5. Upon acceptance the chatbot is set up and launched

3 weeks. In most cases we aim to have the first operational version of your chatbot ready within 3 weeks after you accepted the offer. After we include a period of 3 more weeks to give you time to test it and improve the chatbot.

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