bm Shopping Mall


Shopping mall chatbot – all in scalable chatbot solution

1. Your Facebook Page

2. People start converstaions

3. Natural Language Processing

4. Relevant response given back

5. Saved time & admin costs

Flexibility & Control

We offer a set of customisable functions to create scalable conversational experiences that fit to your uniques business case.


Build on trusted technology

We offer you a chatbot solution build on a trusted technology to process text and speech Dialogflow by Google. The chatbot integrates with platforms like Facebook Messenger, Alexa, Google Assistant, Slack and more

Power of Artificial Intelligence

We offer an integration with a powerful software library for machine intelligence Tensorflow so you can use the power of Artificial Intelligence.


Capabilities shopping centers count on

Provide information about shops, restaurants and other services. Send updates on changes and keep people in the loop.

Help navigate within the shopping center and find what people are looking for in a quick and efficient way.

Answer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and provide relevant information in a matter of seconds.

Send latest offers and discounts to people to motivate them to come back.

Scale your conversations

We work with leading businesses to help automate and scale conversations. We work on trusted NLP (Natural Language Processing) Engine by Google to enable stable operation and relevant responses making it easier for businesses to connect to their customers and improve customer experience during the whole customer journey.


Scale your conversations with botmanufaktur.